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24 Music Practice Room: VIP E-Card


VIP Number

Reward Points


Inform us  your basic info and e-mail address. We'll send you an e-mail, in which you'll receive a VIP e-card.


iOS Users:

Click and download the VIP card to PASSBOOK.


Android Users:

Download "PASS2U" APP from Google Play 

Download the VIP card to the APP.


*For old members, please confirm with us your info to receive your new VIP e-card.


Show us the QR Code on your e-card to add or use your  dicount value / reward points.


01/ Apply by BAND only

02/ If shared with other band/people, the card may no longer be available.

03/ For latest discount campaigns, please refer to our recent announcement.

04/ When the accumulated consumption of your band reaches NT.3000, you can start accumulating reward points (NT.60 for 1 point) and getting discount values.



01/ Get VIP discounts in our SoundTools music instrument store

02/ Get Discount values(Only when using BIG ROOMS)


Get discount values after becoming a Knight Member.

When accumulated consumption reaches a certain amount, you can go premium and become Queen and KING Member. Discount values can be used the next time of your practice room rental.


Detailed info:

Knight Members

Accumulated consumption reaches NT.3000 -> become a Knight Member.


Get NT.10 discount value every NT.100 consumption. 


Queen Members

Accumulated consumption reaches NT.13000 -> become a Queen Member!


Get NT.15 discount value  every NT.100 consumption.


KING Members

Accumulated consumption reaches NT.23000 -> become a KING Member!



Get NT.20 discount value every NT.100 consumption.


e.g.: A Knight Member band who consumes NT.300 can get NT.30 discount value. If they use their discount values next time, total consumption would be NT.270, and they'll get NT.20 discount values, and so on.

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