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A B O U T   F U Z Z




"FUZZ Art Space" is a brand established by State Music in 2005. It stopped operating in 2006, and is now back with a brand new space and a broader vision.


FUZZ was small and warm in its first year. Independent band gigs were arranged on every weekend night. Yet, without partitions to entirely seperate it from the practice room section, we needed to delete practice room schedules to keep FUZZ from interferences and provide a better sound quality.


Our goal to support independent bands in Taiwan soon faced difficulties: new bands did not have enough box office, while the deduction of practice room schedule resulted in customer decline. In the circumstances of unbalanced revenue and expenditure, we couldn't but turn FUZZ into a rental venue.


By the end of 2013, we decided it was the time for us to expand the scale of State Music and re-establish a stage for bands. But this time, we expect more. In our belief that music is not only a dream but a business and what we can depend on to make a living, we hope to provide independent bands our superb equipment, soundstage, technology, and promotion assistence. Further, we would like to bring in diverse art events to FUZZ of not only music, but drama, movie, dancing etc. Any you can think of, we want to make them happen.


After a long testing time since April in 2014, we finally announced our official re-opening by a grand party in June 29th, 2014.


We appreciate all the bands, artists and audiences who had particitated in our events, and given us the chance to contribute to what we love and value most. We'll continue to devote ourselves to art performances/exhibition of any kind and providing more amazing experiences in 2015.


We pay generous tribute to all of you. Because of you, we are able to achieve what we are, and what FUZZ is today.

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