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Step 1

Check wether the time of the room you want is available 

BLUE: Big Room 1

RED: Big Room 2

GREEN: Small Room




Step 2

In our opening hours (10:00-24:00):


1. Call 02-29517620

2. LINE us.  Booking is successful after we answer & confirm with you.

(LINE id: statemusic)




Step 3

Tell us the room and time you want, and provide your membership number / cellphone number and your last name.


* Please inform us when booking if you need to rent equipment, so we can reserve it for you.



"Hello, I'm Mr. Chen. My phone number is 0912345678. I would like to book Big Room 1 at 8-10pm on Jan. 1st.

We need to borrow 1 DI box, 1 keyboard, and we need 3 microphones."




Step 4

Please come here on time and confirm with us if you need to change your band setting.



Within the first 10 min., we'll prepare for you all the equip. you require, and a comfortable practice space. So if you book 8-10pm, your actual using time would be 8:10-10pm.




Thanks for your support! Please feel free to provide us your advice.

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